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Sports is a complex social and cultural phenomenon. It takes physical and intellectual activities as the basic means, and according to the laws of human growth and development, skill formation and function improvement, etc. To achieve a conscious, purposeful and organized social activity to promote all-round development, improve physical fitness and overall education level, enhance physical fitness and improve athletic ability, improve lifestyle and improve quality of life. With the expansion of international exchanges, the scale and level of the development of sports has become an important symbol to measure the development and progress of a country and society, and has also become an important means of diplomatic and cultural exchanges between countries. Sports can be divided into mass sports, professional sports, school sports and so on. Including sports culture, sports education, sports activities, sports competitions, sports facilities, sports organizations, sports science and technology and many other elements.

The human body is an organic whole composed of various organ systems. During physical activity, it looks as if only the muscles are moving. In fact, the body's breathing, blood circulation and other organs are participating in activities, and are directed and coordinated by the cerebral cortex. Preparation activities are to improve the excitement of the cerebral cortex nerve cells, preparation activities can also make the temperature slightly increased, so that the muscles, tendons are in a good state, elasticity, extensibility are very good, not because of sudden contraction and tear or tear, which is especially important in winter. When throwing, such as grenades, shot put, solid ball, javelin, softball, etc., be sure to follow the teacher's instructions, orders and prohibitions, and do not have the slightest carelessness.



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