Steel structure floor bearing plate introduction

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With the continuous wide application of light steel building products in recent years, steel sheet series products are welcomed by the market. Floor bearing plate is one of them, because of its own advantages, it is widely used in power plants, power equipment companies, automobile exhibition halls, steel structure factory buildings, cement warehouses, steel structure offices, airport terminals, railway stations, sports venues, concert halls, grand theaters, supermarkets, logistics centers, Olympic Games venues and other steel structure buildings.

Floor bearing plate, also called molded steel plate, steel bearing plate, steel floor bearing plate. The earliest name is called pressed steel plate, all the steel plate pressed by the press. The floor bearing plate is made of galvanized steel by rolling cold bending forming, its cross section into V shape, U shape, trapezoid or similar shape waveform, mainly used as a permanent template, can also be selected for other purposes. Adapt to the requirements of the rapid construction of the main steel structure, can provide a firm work platform in a short time, and can be laid on multiple floors of molded steel plates, layered concrete slab flow construction.

The characteristics of the floor plate itself:

1. Adapt to the requirements of the rapid construction of the main steel structure, can provide a firm working platform in a short time, and can use multiple floors of laying molded steel plates, layering concrete slab flow construction.

2. In the use stage, the floor bearing plate is used as the tensile steel bar of the concrete floor, which also improves the stiffness of the floor and saves the amount of steel and concrete.

3. The surface embossing of the molded plate makes the maximum bonding force between the floor plate and the concrete, so that the two form a whole, with stiffening ribs, so that the floor plate system has a high bearing capacity.

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