Steel structure processing plant production process introduction

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Steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials and is one of the main building structure types. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of section steel and steel plates, and adopts silanization, pure manganese phosphating, washing and drying, galvanizing and other rust prevention processes. The components or components are usually connected by welds, bolts or rivets. Because of its light weight and easy construction, it is widely used in large factories, venues, super high-rise and other fields. The steel structure is easy to rust, the general steel structure to remove rust, galvanized or paint, and regular maintenance.

Steel structure processing plant to explain the production process of the product:

The design drawing provided by the architectural design institute can not be directly used to process the steel structure, but to consider the processing technology, such as tolerance, processing allowance, welding control and other factors, and draw the processing drawing on the basis of the original design drawing. Processing drawing is to communicate the intention of designers and construction personnel, it plays the role of the production of essential books, but also the actual size, marking, cutting, beveling, drilling, bending, assembly, welding, painting, product inspection, stacking, sending and other operations instructions, but also play a high-level management of the checklist.

Analysis of construction conditions before processing and production: drawing processing and production drawings or reviewing design drawings should be analyzed and studied while reviewing construction conditions or the degree of difficulty, and must carefully analyze the difficult part of welding, whether to use high-strength bolts and fastening appliances, and whether to maintain the welding Angle of the electrode in the narrow place.

Steel tape: In the steel structure processing plant project, the main use of tape, wide strip steel tape and convex steel tape in any of the first class products. Make the factory tape measure and the field tape measure belong to the same class of products, that is, use the "same ruler" between various types of work. If there is difficulty, the difference between 10m is controlled within 0.5mm.

Operators should be trained and assessed, special types of work should be qualified, and the technical disclosure of various processes should be fully done.

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