Steel structure plant roof tile how should we choose?

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For ordinary people in daily life, steel structure factory may be a relatively unfamiliar concept. This form of architecture does not often appear in our living environment, so many people know little about its structure and use. However, for those working in the field of industrial production, steel plants are part of the daily working environment. If you've ever toiled on a factory floor, you've probably noticed that some areas of your busy workplace are designed with steel structures. For example, in an industrial machinery workshop, you may see the use of cranes (bridge cranes), and the beams of these cranes are likely to be made of steel. On closer inspection, you will see that the columns supporting these train beams are also made of steel. These details reveal the fact that the workshop you are in is actually a typical steel structure factory building.

In fact, the construction of modern industrial plants is increasingly using steel structure design. Many of the concrete plants built in the past, after the steel structure reinforcement, are still strong and durable, and continue to play their role. Steel structure plant is widely welcomed, largely thanks to its own many advantages, these advantages make steel structure plant become the first choice for industrial buildings. Although we have discussed the advantages of steel structure plant many times, today we will not repeat the repetition.

Today, we are mainly concerned with the roofing system of the steel structure plant, and what kind of materials we should choose to build this system. According to years of design and construction experience of Guizhou Tianhong Steel Structure Co., LTD., most people tend to use color steel plate or color steel sandwich plate series products. Color steel plate is favored because of its light weight, easy production and construction, and economic benefits. Those who choose color steel sandwich panels are usually considering the overall thermal insulation performance of the plant.

Both of the roofing structures mentioned above belong to the light steel series, but in reality, we have other options. For example, you can choose to use anticorrosive tiles or asphalt tiles for laying. The anticorrosive tile mainly solves the problem that the color steel plate is easy to rust, and compared with the color steel plate, the anticorrosive tile can effectively reduce the temperature of the plant in the summer. In addition, resin tile is also a good choice. In addition to asphalt tiles, the other two materials can be made into corrugated shapes like color steel plates, which is not only beautiful and generous, but also no longer need to worry about the roof tiles will rust, which are important considerations in the design of steel structure plant roofs.

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