What is the moment connection in structural steel?

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In the field of construction and engineering, structural steel is a commonly used material for the construction of various buildings and structures. Among them, moment connection is an important concept in structural steel. So, what is the moment connection in structural steel?

First, we need to understand what a bending moment is. Bending moment is a kind of moment, which is the phenomenon of bending the object due to the action of force. In structural steel, the bending moment is usually generated by an external load or its own gravity. The magnitude and direction of the bending moment can be calculated, and for any given structure, a bending moment analysis is required to ensure its safety and stability.

Next, let's talk about moment connections. In structural steel, moment connection refers to the connection of two or more structural steel members together through a specific connection mode to withstand and transmit bending moments. This connection can be welded, bolted or other forms of connection. The design and selection of moment connections need to take into account many factors, including the geometry of the structure, the type and size of the load, the mechanical properties of the material, and so on.

The main function of the bending moment connection is to disperse and transfer the bending moment to prevent the structural steel members from being damaged because of excessive bending moments. Through reasonable design and selection of moment connection, the bearing capacity and stability of structural steel can be improved, so as to ensure the safety of buildings.

In general, the bending moment connection in structural steel is an important design element, it connects different structural steel members, disperses and transmits the bending moment, protects the structural steel from large bending moments, and thus improves the safety and stability of structural steel.

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